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CPSC 434 Principles of Unix

Course Description

CPSC 434 is an introduction to Unix-like operating systems using Linux. By the end of this course you will be comfortable navigating and working in an Unix environment using a diverse set of available tools. You will gain proficiency with the command line, pipes, IO redirection, scripting (using bash, AWK, etc., and a scripting language such as Python) plus some exposure to basic C programming. You will also learn fundamental administrative tasks such as installing and configuring software and hardware.

We will use a shared Linux system and explore the use of the Raspberry Pi platform for a semester-long project. You will learn about and use Git and GitHub, two highly popular, and in-demand tools for version and collaborative software development during this project. This experience will help solidify operating systems concepts acquired in CPSC 245 (the prerequisite for this course).

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Why you might consider taking this class

Oh, and 3 credits toward graduation :) And if you are coming out of the OS class this spring (2020), you already have a bit of a headstart with regard to Linux, though we will cover all fundamentals for everyone.

Note, this course is offered only every other year (like most electives), so if you don't enroll for the fall of 2020, you'll have to wait until fall 2022.

Student Projects

Self-selected teams usually consist of 4 - 5 students. All centered around the Raspberry Pi platform.

Google Search for "cool raspberry pi projects". More neat project ideas here.

Any questions/concerns, please get in touch.